Principal's Message

Dear Students / Parents,

“Knowledge is Power” goes the famous saying. It’s inextensible and immeasurable. One Who is knowledgeable and learned is revered and respected all over the world.

Knowledge is not confined to the text books and scriptures but goes beyond. It encompasses the three ”Q”s namely IQ, EQ and SQ i.e, Intelligent Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Social Quotient. A student needs to balance and master all the three “Q”s to achieve in one’s life.

Education is the twenty first century calls for global approach rather than confining it in a boundary. Being creative, communicative and competent with good character forms the building block of every individual created in “Vasavi Public School”. This school, a temple of knowledge, emphasizes on Man-making and not on Money-making.

Every child admitted in this Holy Shrine at a tender age of three, slowly and steadily metamorphasizes into a bold and confident teenager of fourteen ready to take up the challenges of life and proceeds further on with a strong foundation of basics embedded in every part of his/her system. Knowledge though is intangible at that tender age, he/she is ready to achieve success in their near future. The school prepares them to become responsible citizens of tomorrow as technology is integrated in their curriculum right from the beginning.

Just as the “Village Black Smith” creates beautiful utility articles with his sinewy hands, my team of skilled, talented, experienced and dedicated teachers vouch to impart the best education to each and every student for “Reaching out until every child is touched” is our motto.

I am sure that with this clear vision in mind, each and every student of this excellent “Temple of Education would leave behind a mark of excellence in their wonderful journey and carve a niche for themselves in the glory of time.

Every pearl in my garden is being polished for more lusture in education .................

Mrs.Subhashini Govindan
Vasavi Public School, Hyderabad