1. The school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and the medium of instruction is English.

  2. The subjects offered are as follows:

    • Pre-Primary : English, Mathematics, General Science, Hindi/Telugu (II Lang)
    • Classes I & II : English, Mathematics, Hindi/Telugu (II Lang) Computer Science, Environmental Science
    • Classes III & IV : English, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Hindi/Telugu (II Lang), Social Science Computer Science
    • Classes V & VIII : English, Mathematics, Science. Hindi / Telugu (II Lang), Social Science, Hindi / Telugu/Sanskrit (III Lang), Computer Science.
    • Classes IX & X : English, Mathematics, Science. Hindi/Telugu /Sanskrit (II Lang), Social Science.

"Analytical Thinking , Critical Thinking, Lateral Thinking and Problem Solving are Required In Most Occupations Today" - NCF 2005-NCERT