Perhaps, it is in the Co-curricular activities most important development takes place. An awakening of interest and enthusiasm, and possible success in a seemingly unimportant activity, can bring great confidence, a higher level of achievement in academic work and a more positive creative attitude. We encourage students to develop interests, which will outlast school days. The students compete in work, cleanliness, games and general conduct along with the usual Inter House Annual Competitions, which include Elocution, Dramatics, Debates, Quizzes, Yoga, Dancing and Music. Expert faculty trains the students.

Activity Time!
They provide an avenue for self expression in a safe environment and carries on the work of education after traditional class-room time has ended. Vasavi started Activity Classes

Our Prime Stakeholders - Parents
Parents are the connectors between the school and home. We ate Vasavi conduct regular orientation programmes for parents for better and effective parenting.

Regular parents teacher meetings are conducted to understand and help the student. The suggestions given by the parents are complied with for the welfare of the students.

Our interactions and relationship with parents continuously motivate us to reach our goal. We are ever thankful to the parents for their faith in us. Parents are aware that every staff in Vasavi is empathetic towards their ward.

"Child give me your hand, That I may walk in the light of your faith in me."