Beyond Academics

Art Education, Work Experience and Sport and Games

At Vasvi students are motivated and guided to actively participate in all activities and are assessed periodically on a 5 point scale grade in art education, work experience and physical education.

It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.

"Without a Loser there is no Winner"

Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities

All students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities like Yoga, Drama, Karate, Dance & Music. These help to develop multiple intelligence and promote active learning.

House System

Parents of students at Vasavi believe that their children learn better when they are happy and when they are enjoying their studies.

Sarojini Tagore Indira Raman
Yellow Green Red Blue

Inter – House competitions are conducted to enable the students to work as a team successfully. It also teachers the students that winning and losing are two sides of a coin.